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Our Project, World of Freediving started out of a love for the sea and a passion for Freediving. The oceans of the world hold an enormous potential for exploration. They present us with an opportunity to explore both the world outside and the world within ourselves. We have spent many hours freediving along the reefs in Dahab, enjoying the opportunity to observe marine life. We have also been brought to face with many aspects of ourselves while diving, that helped us evolve on a personal level. Learning to Freedive in Dahab or any other location starts you on a journey of exploration, one with no equal.

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Freediving Locations...

  • Dahab - Egypt
    Dahab has some of the most spectacular Scuba diving and freediving you can find anywhere, featuring dive sites like the Blue Hole and Canyon. It is a place where you can relax, enjoy the diving, and get some rest from the fast pace of normal life.
  • Vancouver - Canada
    Stemming from Dean's Canadian roots, Vancouver offers a lively and very active freediving community with some of the best cold water dive sites anywhere in the pacific.
  • Ukraine
    Ukraine presents a great opportunity for freediving and spearfishing.  The country is full of fresh water dive sites including the famous River Dneper and is home to the Crimean peninsula which provides access to the waters of the Black Sea.

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Our partners...

The best in the industry... Because we value quality we only work with the best. Below is a list of the companies and organizations we work with.

AIDA international AIDA International is the foremost freediving organization in the world today.

ElIOS SUB Elios sub is one of the best custom wetsuit makers.

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Freediving Courses and Training

Are you looking for freediving courses...below you will find a list of training options available at our school. Click on the option you are interested in to find out more information; as well as upcoming training dates. We conduct AIDA courses all year around in different locations across the world: Dahab, Egypt - Canada - Ukraine. If you don’t find a course that fits your needs, email us and we will make arrangements to accommodate you. Courses are available at any location Worldwide upon request.


AIDA Courses

AIDA 1 Star FreediverIntro to freediving

AIDA 2 Star FreediverOpen-water freediver

AIDA 3 Star FreediverAdvanced freediver

AIDA 4 Star FreediverMaster freediver

AIDA Instructor CourseProfesional freediving instructor

Training Options

The Blue hole - DahabDeep-diver training area

Lighthouse - DahabMain training area

Other Training OptionsAlternative training

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